We are Clark Chandler Mills, digital marketers and strategists with a background in technology, sales, and operations. This means we know what marketing needs to achieve for a business and we know how to build the programs to get it done. We’ve been helping business clients be more effective and successful with their business development efforts for over a dozen years.

We specialize in digital marketing for financial & professional services, engineering, manufacturing, and technical industries. Compliance is not a problem for us, nor is working with very technical material. We pride ourselves on developing and executing end-to-end, white-glove digital marketing programs that run like clockwork and generate results. If you need a CMO function fulfilled around a digital-first strategy, we do that too.

Making Sense of Marketing

Orderly, sensible, trackable – all those things you prefer, we prefer. And that’s how we will design and execute your marketing program.

We talk in terms of performance metrics. We ask how it’s going – are the marketing efforts converting? Are the BD/Sales reps able to work with the program? You know, all the things a business owner would ask.

Digital Marketing Programs with a Purpose:
Make Your Business Development More Effective

Marketing is about creating stronger, closer business connections. Precise language, used well, has the power to generate interest & desire, to convince, to express what makes a business authentically unique and different. To resonate. To draw people and prospects closer. To create those business connections that lead to sales.

Digital marketing programs from Clark Chandler Mills are meant to work alongside your traditional, face-to-face BD and marketing programs.

  • We’ll add more digital prospects to the top of the funnel, capturing opportunities that would otherwise be missed.
  • We’ll help you nurture those prospects; staying with them as they get ready to buy and educating them along the way – so they move through the funnel more quickly.
  • And we’ll automate your digital marketing. The automation works on qualifying prospects while your people stay focused on closing those ready to buy.

End result – everyone in the BD function will have more to work with, and more to close.

Three Steps to Infuse Digital into Your Current Business Development Process

Target & Capture

It’s Marketing 101 – target a niche, a small, well-defined slice of the market. One where you know them and they know you. You speak the same language, and you have shared experiences.

Top-of-the-funnel digital lead gen on social media is very powerful. If you are B2B, we have a LinkedIn outreach program that will identify, contact, and connect you with your best prospects.

Qualify & Pre-Sell

Once you get them into your marketing ecosystem, stay in touch with a content publishing program that educates, qualifies, and pre-sells the leads.

Speed them through the funnel. Those that are truly interested and ready to buy will self-select by their behaviors.

Then it’s time to move them for follow-up by your business development/sales team.


Digital marketing is perfect for automation. Set up rules and scoring qualifications in advance and let the automation system keep track of every social interaction, every email open and click, every website visit, and every form fill.

Pair that with the built-in CRM/Opportunity tracking system to determine marketing ROI when a deal is closed.

What’s Best For You?

All three steps together in a comprehensive program work best. But what if you are not ready for all three?

An established business can certainly consider doing steps one, two, or three – in that order. If that’s you, fill out the form below, and let’s get a conversation started.

If you are a smaller business, or just getting started, we encourage you to visit our Small or Newer Businesses page to view the comprehensive suite of tools offered by Constant Contact.

Who We Work With

Our technology and operations backgrounds mean we have an affinity for the thinkers, the clinicians, and the scientists.

We work very well with technical, legal, financial, and medical clients. We love working with engineers, manufacturers, software companies, builders, architects, accountants, and consultants. And they love working with us.

We process information the same way you do.  We are linear thinkers and speak the same way.  This means we can translate your language into the language your customers need to hear, which is a marketing must.

Our agency is a well-oiled machine. Clients are comforted by the attention to detail and the fact that nothing falls through the cracks, and are confident their work is being accomplished on time.

Small businesses like us because we’re a small business and we understand. Big businesses like us because of our significant corporate tenure and we offer complete end-to-end programs.  Global businesses like us because we have a background there and other global clients, too.

Intrigued? Need some help? Want to talk marketing with a linear thinker? Fill out the contact us form and let’s start a conversation.

Our Projects

You can tell a lot about someone by the company they keep.  Here is some of what we’ve done for clients:

  • Recruited attorneys and former college athletes to become financial advisors
  • Helped investment advisors grow their AUM with custom (i.e. not cookie-cutter) content that passes compliance
  • Helped financial firms recruit financial advisors to their platform
  • Introduced dealer/distributorship opportunities in the U.S. and around the world for major international brands
  • Promoted very technical components and systems to engineers
  • Sold paint
  • Built referral and patient bases for medical practices and home health care agencies
  • Sold garage doors
  • Promoted electric vehicles (not that one, but another one).

None of this is pizza or donuts. It is generally very cool, complex stuff. Like your cool stuff.